Do I need to register for a Bram Life Pass?

Brambleton’s Bram Life Pass system and database allows for the creation of a “Pass for Life” issued to all single-family (attached and detached) and Residences condo owners and their families. If you are a single-family or Residences condo owner, have not changed your address since the end of the 2009 Swim Season, and currently have passes created in 2007 or later, you have a “Pass for Life” and do not need to register this year. Who needs to register for a Bram Life Pass this year? If you are new to Brambleton, do not have passes, did not register for a pass in 2007 or later, or are a single-family or Residences tenant named on a lease, you need to register for your passes this year. Passes created before the Bram Life Pass rebranding are still active and do not need to be updated unless your information has changed. There is a $5 per pass fee for residents who have lost, misplaced or discarded their valid passes. OWNER ID REQUIRED AT TIME OF REGISTRATION. Children who age up into a new age bracket (2-11, 12-15, 16 and over) will also need to have new passes made. If your household registered in 2007 or later, and are not tenants named on a lease, a new registration form will not be required for an updated pass to be issued.

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