BCA Update - Spring/Summer

Changes Coming to Legacy Park

One of Brambleton’s most enjoyed and popular parks is Legacy Park.  Residents throughout Brambleton come out in droves on a nice and sunny warm day to enjoy the fresh air and amenities at Legacy Park.  Whether you are using the park for active or passive purposes, it remains a centerpiece of our community.  It is important that the Association actively manages the park to assure that the beauty and benefit will continue for years to come.  

The Association recently had an Urban Forest Assessment of Legacy Park performed. The assessment included plan objectives for improving the open green space, protecting and restoring areas directly adjacent to active play areas, relieving soil compaction, beginning to “re-build” soil in forested areas, protecting and caring for remarkable and historical white oak trees, removing any medium to high risk trees, and planting of perennials, shrubs, and trees as reforestation efforts in areas of need to curtail soil erosion, build a strong critical root zone, and enhance park aesthetics.  Focusing on these objectives will improve the overall health of the urban forest known to us as Legacy Park.  

The Association is taking steps to improve the use and overall condition of the turf area. Many of the trees contained within the west-end turf area adjacent to Olympia Drive are in poor condition and present potential hazards that require continual pruning.  These trees are either infected with the Emerald Ash Borer or have been victims of construction-related damage.  These are conditions that can’t be reversed.  It has been determined that the removal of these trees is the best option.  

Removal of these trees and related improvements are planned to occur over the next couple weeks.  Removal of trees and their stumps will be necessary.  Once the trees are removed, the area will need to be regraded to improve and allow for proper drainage. Once the area is graded properly, the irrigation system will be expanded to cover the entire turf area, and sod will be installed.  This portion of the park will be fenced off while these improvements take place to allow for safety and time for the sod to grow in.  The end result will be an open grass area inside the area defined by the trail, which will be used for open play and events. 

With the removal of these trees will come the replanting of additional trees as their replacements.  In total, 7 ash trees, 4 cedar trees, 6 hickory trees, and 2 white oak trees will have to be removed because of their declining condition.  A similar number of native trees will be installed throughout the park following the law of “Right Plant, Right Place”. This work will be partially funded by a grant from the Republic Rewards program.  

Over the next few months, staff will work with the Facilities & Grounds Committee, naturalists, and arborists to finalize next steps and the plan of action for this coming fall. These steps will focus on protecting and restoring areas around the play areas, and possibly on protection and care for remarkable and historical white oak trees.  There will be more to come.  Questions pertaining to this program can be emailed to CIP@Brambleton.org.

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