Brambleton Update

BCA Prepares for First Winter Storm of the Decade

Forecasters are calling for 2-4 inches of snow in and around Brambleton today, January 7th. The snow is likely to fall around noon today and will continue into the evening. BCA is ready for the storm. Trucks and equipment have been inspected and prepared, and staff and contractors are standing by and are prepared to plow.

Travel on streets, sidewalks, and trails will likely be impacted by the storm. Residents should limit their travel for essential needs only during and immediately after the storm. Clearance of BCA private common drives and streets could take up to 6 hours once the snow stops falling.

Please take note:

  • Parking - Please help our crews efficiently clear the streets by parking your vehicles in your garage or driveway, in designated recessed parking spaces, or on the upper levels of the Brambleton Town Center garages.
  • Regal Wood Snow Route - Parking restrictions are in place for the Regal Wood Snow Route in the townhome section. No vehicles shall be parked on Regal Wood Drive starting today at 12 PM. This parking restriction will expire on Wednesday, January 8th at 8 AM. Parking in the few recessed and designated spaces on Regal Wood Drive is permitted.
Residents are asked to help snow removal efforts by taking a few necessary safety precautions during the storm:
  • Keep Back and Do Not Pass the Plows - For your safety and the safety of your passengers and adjacent neighbors, do not pass the plows and remain a minimum of 100 ft away from a plow truck.
  • Essential Travel - Restrict travel on roads, sidewalks, and trails until crews have a chance to clear surfaces.
  • Driveway Entrances - When clearing the entrance to your driveway, place the shoveled snow in piles. Do not place snow piles in the street, and do not throw the snow back into the cleared road.
  • Keep Safe - Children playing in the street, especially during a snowstorm, is dangerous. Do not play or sled near the streets. Please keep your children (and pets) from playing in the streets.
Are you aware of your responsibilities when it comes to snow removal? Townhome and single-family homeowners are responsible for shoveling snow on their driveway and the sidewalks on and adjacent to their property. Once the sidewalk has been cleared of snow, the use of non-corrosive, environmental-friendly material, such as sand, should be applied for traction purposes.
  • Warning: Do not apply salt or a salt-based product to concrete sidewalks and driveways aprons that are less than two years in age. Use appropriate ice melt products that do not contain salt. The salt can damage or shorten the useful life of the concrete.

When will BCA clear the trails? Roads, parking lots, and community buildings are a priority for the Association. Once these have been cleared, the Association will shift its focus to the trails and the larger sections of common area sidewalks.

Do you know who plows your street or have questions about snow removal? BCA publishes a full list of streets on its website. Be sure to check this out if you have any questions.

Do you have concerns? Concerns with snow removal on BCA streets or Developer streets can be emailed to Concerns regarding VDOT streets can be submitted to Report a road problem online.

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