2018 BCA Board Election Candidates

Voting for the 2018 BCA Board Election is closed. The election was successfully held at the 2018 Annual Meeting on November 13, 2018.

BCA is pleased to announce that six owners have been nominated as candidates for the two open positions in the 2018 BCA Board of Directors Election. The candidates are listed in alphabetical order below. View their profile at the link under their name.

After you have registered to vote, you will receive an email with a link to vote and a Secure Voter ID. Please note that you will need to enter the Secure Voter ID as shown, including dashes. Voting is open to all owners of residential property in Brambleton. US citizenship is not a requirement to vote.

Online voting will close on Friday, November 9th at 5 PM. Online voting is the preferred and recommended method for owners to easily vote. Contact hoa@brambleton.org if you have questions or need any assistance.

You’re invited to meet the candidates at an informal Meet & Greet to be held on Thursday, October 25th from 7 to 8:30 PM in the Welcome Center at the Brambleton Town Center. Drop in anytime during the event to meet each of the candidates and to learn more about their goals for serving the community.

Sam Nandi 2018
David Pavlik 2018
Harsha Sarjapur 2018

David Pavlik

Candidate Profile

Harsha Sarjapur

Candidate Profile

Ram Vekatachalam 2018
Brian Viola 2018
Susan S. Wolford 2018

Ram Venkatachalam

Candidate Profile

Brian Viola

Candidate Profile

Susan S. Wolford

Candidate Profile

2018 Annual Meeting Announcement