Lender Questionnaires

Upon request, Brambleton Community Association staff will complete Lender Questionnaire forms submitted based upon the guidelines below. If you are seeking completion of a Lender Questionnaire, we offer a two (2) step process.  Please submit payment first, following the first link below.  Then submit the required information and your form at the second link below.  

It is recommended that you confirm that the subject property is located in Brambleton Community Association before submitting an order.  To do so, you can check at Loudoun.gov by using the button for assessment information and entering the property address.  Questionnaires for the condominiums located within Brambleton are fulfilled by FirstService Residential. 

Please note:  For all services, forms and payment must be received by 12 p.m. on the day of submission to count as the first day; forms received after 12 p.m. will be processed with the following business day counted as the first day.

The cost for completion of either a Uniform Mortgage Questionnaire or a Lender-Specific Mortgage Questionnaire is as follows:

3 business-day turnaround


1 business-day turnaround


To submit payment, please click here

The following information is needed to request a Questionnaire:

Property Name

Unit address Requestor’s Name

Requestor’s telephone number and/or e-mail address (in case there are any questions)
Return fax number, e-mail address or mailing address

To submit the required form data, please click here

You will automatically receive a copy of the budget
when you request the Questionnaire.

If you need copies of bylaws, declaration or governing documents, there is a charge of 10 cents per page for scanned and electronic copies. Printed copies will incur a charge of 15 cents per page for the documents.

 Certificates of Insurance

lease submit your request using one of the options below. A charge may apply for mortgagee clause additions; however, there is no cost to register for access to the website. 

  • PHONE your request to (877)456-3643, Monday through Friday from 9am– 8pm.

 Payoff Information

  • For information regarding account payoff details, please contact:

Payoff Department - First Service Residential

11351 Random Hills Drive, Suite 500 | Fairfax VA 22030 | Phone: 703.385.1133

Email: payoff.dcmetro@fsresidential.com | Website: www.fsresidential.com

Please contact our office at any time if we can be of further assistance at:
Hoa@brambleton.org or 703-542-6263.