2016 proposed Revised Guidelines and timeline

The Covenants Committee and staff are currently revising sections of the Design Guidelines and two Policy Resolutions to insure all current information aligns with the Governing Documents. During this review period we welcome input from residents.  A copy of the Proposed revisions can be found on the website as well as a copy of the current Design Guidelines. Staff and the covenants committee welcome any comments from residents and they can be directed to docreview@brambleton.org.

The projected timeline for review and adoption of the proposed revisions is as follows:

January 2016 – Staff proposes revisions to the Design Guidelines to the Covenants Committee.

March 2016 - Covenants Committee and staff recommend revisions to the Board of Directors for review and approval and for publication for public comment.

April 2016 – Brambleton’s Board of Directors reviews the revisions and approves them for release for public comment.

April – June 2016 – Public comment is open from 4/28/2016– 6/7/2016.

June 2016– Proposed revisions and public comment are provided to the Covenants Committee for final review, revision and their recommendations for the Board.

August 2016 – Final version of the proposed revisions, public comment and Committee feedback is submitted to the Board for their consideration with a request for adoption

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Email for Public Comment: docreview@brambleton.org