Capital Projects

Capital Improvements & Reserve Projects

Brambleton Community Association is in the unique position of still growing and developing while it also begins to age. The Association has developed a Capital Improvement Program to ensure that desired amenities and needed repairs are planned for in a fiscally responsible manner.    

A “capital improvement” is typically defined as the addition of a major permanent structural improvement or significant repair, replacement, or restoration of the Association’s infrastructure, buildings, park and recreational amenities, or other common area capital components that will either enhance the property’s overall value or increase the useful life of the common area asset.

In addition to ongoing maintenance and upkeep, Brambleton is focused on enhancing property values through a Capital Improvements Plan (CIP) and a Replacement and Repair Reserve Program. The CIP will focus on new projects and enhancements to existing capital. The Reserve Program focuses on the repair, renovation, and/or replacement of existing capital components that the Association owns.

Developing the CIP

BCA staff have been tasked with the goal to create a 3-year CIP that will prioritize, plan, and fund major capital projects that will have a positive impact on Brambleton residents for years to come. While there are several active projects, staff will continue to work to develop structure for the Association’s multi-year CIP. The plan will be linked to this page once completed and adopted by the BCA Board.

Reserve Program

A replacement reserve study is a technical and financial analysis of the community-owned assets within Brambleton. This study will anticipate and prepare the Association financially for future repair and replacement costs. This study is required by the Commonwealth every 5 years; however, because Brambleton is a developing community with new capital assets being constructed, the BCA Board has opted for a 3-year update cycle to its reserve study.

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