Brambleton 2017 Community Update

Brambleton 2016 Community Update

Brambleton Vision 2020

On behalf of the Brambleton Group, we want to acknowledge and thank the residents of the community for your support and input during this three year process of revising the community plan and for helping shape the vision of Brambleton for the next 10-15 years!  

The first two zoning applications, Land Bay 1, 3 & 5 and Town Central have been approved by the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors and now the work is just beginning! We wanted to take this opportunity to highlight a number of improvements for Brambleton and Loudoun County regarding these two cases: 

  1. Elementary School (ES-27) – Brambleton accelerated the dedication of this important Elementary School site by 5+ years.  Construction of the elementary school will start in 2015 and is scheduled to open for school Fall 2016!
  2. Middle School (MS-9) & High School (HS-11) – Brambleton proposed and designed a unique and innovative layout for a Middle School and High School campus on an ideally-situated parcel along Evergreen Mills Road and Creighton Road near the future Hanson Park.  Following discussions with County and School Board representatives, the size of the proposed Middle and High School campus was increased significantly, from 78 acres up to 91+ acres, requiring the complete restructuring of the rezoning application. The Brambleton 91 acre parcel has been donated to the County along with the associated utilities and road network.  Construction of the middle school will commence in 2015 and the middle school opening in 2017 and the high school opening in 2019/20.
  3. New Underpasses – Along with the new school opening, Brambleton has proffered to build 2 additional underpasses.  The first new underpass will be located under newly constructed Creighton Road just west of Northstar Boulevard.  The second will be located on North Star Boulevard near Creighton Road.  This construction will temporarily require the closure of a portion of North Star Boulevard.
  4. Loudoun County Library within Brambleton Town Center – This unique public-private venture to create a Loudoun County Library within the Brambleton Town Center is truly exciting.  Brambleton has committed millions of dollars to construct a base building for what we believe will be one of the most attractive and oft-used public libraries in the entire region.  Despite our best efforts to accelerate the timing of the Library, the County will not fund the interior build-out of the library until 2019 as noted in the Capital Improvement Plan.
  5. Brambleton Center – Brambleton committed a minimum of $3 million to create a unique, private community center on the site of the 1950’s dairy barn, located in the southern portion of Brambleton. The Brambleton Center, while privately owned, will accommodate a wide-variety of uses benefiting County residents, including space for community meetings, weddings, live performances, art and cultural gatherings and public assembly, religious services, classrooms and theatrical performances. 
  6. Additional Community Facilities – Along with an additional swimming pool, Brambleton will provide a series of well-planned and attractive trails, open spaces, recreation facilities, tot lots, tennis courts and other important amenities throughout the parcel as a result of these two cases. 
  7. Regional Roads and Transportation Infrastructure – As reviewed during the public deliberations, Brambleton has committed millions to a series of major, regional road improvements over a 3-year period (from the spring of 2013 through the spring of 2016), including the construction of its portion of Loudoun County Parkway, the extension of Creighton Road and Shreveport Drive, the widening of Evergreen Mills Road and Ryan Road and other important transportation and infrastructure improvements.

The Active Adult rezoning application is processing through the County and the Developer continues to work with staff to move the case along.  We anticipate the application to go before the Board of Supervisors in April.  This application will allow for a great diversity of products, single family, villas ad condominiums versus the original approval of all condominiums.  We are anxiously awaiting approval of this application as there are many residents who have inquired about this new community for their parents.

Brambleton Business Campus – This application is still progressing through the County as well.  This application is requesting approval to change the original zoning to allow a business campus/community college on property located near the Loudoun County Parkway, south of Shreveport Road.

If you have any questions, please email