Assessment Payment Options

Brambleton's Board of Directors adopts a budget each year. Notice of the new budget and assessment rates is provided to residents in the form of an annual mailing. All owners that are not subscribed to direct debit services receive coupon books prior to the start of the new year.

This page provides more information about the Association's budget, finances, and assessments.

The information below outlines the variety of payment options available for owners to make their monthly assessment payments. Owners are encouraged to select the option that best meets their needs. All assessment payments are due on the first day of each month. Please note that payments can take up to 4 business days to process and post to the account. A late fee is assessed if payment is not received by the 10th day of the month. Late fees are calculated based on payment posting dates, not payment initiation dates.


Owners may make payment by check or money order mailed to the Association’s lockbox service at: 

Brambleton Community Association 
C/O FirstService Residential
P.O. Box 30403
Tampa, FL 33630

Important considerations: Checks must be made payable to “Brambleton Community Association”. Payments must reference the account number or include the payment coupon to ensure that payment is properly recorded. 

For accounts in collection or at the attorney, payments are sent to an exception queue to be reviewed by FirstService Residential accounting staff for restrictive endorsements prior to processing.

Online Bill Pay

Owners may pay assessments using an online bill paying service from their personal banking institution. When establishing the service with the personal bank, use the lockbox address above as the payee address and reference your account number to ensure that payment is properly recorded.

Important considerations: There is a processing time of three business days for electronic payments. Financial institutions that do not work with partnered clearinghouses mail payment as a manual check, and processing time may take longer than three business days.

Direct Debit

With this program, the owner authorizes FirstService Residential to withdraw the monthly recurring assessment amount from a designated checking or savings account. Owners can sign up for Direct Debit service online using the following link: Please note that management of the Direct-Debit program has transitioned to ClickPay effective March 20, 2017.

This change will not disrupt payments set up through our original Direct-Debit program, and no action will be required. Payments through the Direct-Debit program will continue to withdraw automatically and will be listed on owner bank statements as the community or association name. If you wish to manage or edit your payments made through the Direct-Debit program, please contact ClickPay with the owner account number found on your statement or coupon.
If corrections in the debit amount are necessary, it may involve an adjustment (credit or debit). These transactions will occur during the first week of each month the Assessment is due. There is a service charge per payment returned, for any reason. If two payments are returned within one year, the service will be stopped and owners will be responsible for making payments on balances due.  

Cancellations are not automatically processed when a property is sold or transferred. Automatic Debit authorizations remain in effect until written notice of cancellation is processed by FirstService Residential.


This third-party payment service offers owners the ability to make one-time or recurring e-check or credit card payments from this link: Instructions to set up your account can be found here. For help with your account or setting up payments online, please contact ClickPay at, or call 1.888.354.0135 (option 1).

Important considerations: Account information is privately held between ClickPay and the property owner.  Processing fees apply for all credit card payments, as well as for one-time e-checks. Recurring e-checks are processed at no charge. ClickPay payments typically take three business days to process. Expedited payment (one business day) can be requested for an additional charge.

Payment amounts are established by the owner and will NOT automatically adjust each year to the appropriate assessment amount; owners must access their account to adjust payment amounts.


Assessment payments are NOT accepted at the Brambleton Community Association management office due to the fact they are processed as of the date of receipt at the bank or in the Accounting Department. Please note that cash cannot be accepted at the Brambleton Community Association management office or at FirstService Residential offices for payment of assessments.