Block Party Trailer

The Brambleton Block Party Trailer serves to encourage community building within Brambleton's neighborhoods. Block parties are a wonderful way for neighbors to come together and connect with one another in an informal and fun setting. Common areas and parks around the community have been identified as great locations for neighborhood block parties (see map below). Reserve the Block Party Trailer to enhance your scheduled gathering.

List of Included Items

Rental Guidelines

  • The trailer is intended for residential block parties only, not personal use. 
  • Renter must be a Brambleton resident in good standing with the Brambleton Community Association. 
  • Reservations are made on a first come, first served basis. However, preference will be given to groups who are reserving for the first time. 
  • Reservations may be made no sooner than 6 months in advance of the event and no later than 2 weeks before the event. 
  • Neighborhoods may only reserve the trailer once per calendar year.
**Failure to abide by these guidelines may impact future use of this trailer by your neighborhood**

How to Reserve

  1. Fill out the Block Party Trailer Reservation Request form online.  
  2. The reservation process begins once the request is submitted.
  3. Once the request is approved, an agreement will be drawn up between the renter(s) and BCA.

Block Party Trailer Delivery

The renter will need to be present during delivery of the Block Party Trailer. The trailer is designed to sit on a flat surface. You will need to identify a flat location for the trailer to reside in order to use it for your event. It may be parked in any of the designated common areas or parks and in public rights-of-way as long as it doesn't interfere with traffic or other street features (mailboxes, fire hydrants, etc.). Once the trailer is delivered, it must remain in that location. Applicants are NOT allowed to move the trailer on their own! The area you designate must be able to accommodate the trailer size (8 ft x 16 ft). BCA Operations staff will deliver the trailer to the pre-arranged location on the Friday afternoon of the weekend the trailer is reserved.


Before your block party, remind your neighbors to attend and get involved by bringing food, drinks, music, or games. SignUpGenius is a great platform to use in order to organize who is bringing what items. Immediately before the party, unload all of the items located in the trailer. Encourage attendees to take pictures and post them on social media using the hashtag #bramlife.


  • Renter is responsible for cleanup after the event. 
  • Dispose of all recyclables and trash. 
  • Wipe down tables, chairs, and other equipment, and reload the supplies back into the trailer according to the instructions on the Inventory Checklist. 
  • Clean out coolers and ice chests and allow them to dry before returning them to the trailer.
  • Fill out the requested information on the Inventory Checklist so that BCA staff can document any issues or needs. 
  • Sweep trailer floor and dispose of all trash.
  • Lock the trailer when you're finished. 
  • BCA Operations staff will pick the trailer up on Monday morning.
It is essential that the trailer is ready to go and that the hitch and area in front of the trailer remain clear when the trailer is picked up at 8:00 a.m. the following Monday morning.

Block Party Suggested Locations Map

Block Party Locations