Neighborhood Block Party


Saturday, September 4, 2021

4:00pm - 11:00pm*

*we recommend shutting down at 10:00pm and having one hour for cleanup

A great way to build a safer and greater sense of community is to get to know your neighbors! 

The Brambleton Neighborhood Block Party is designed to do just that!  By joining this neighborhood block party, you will get the chance to meet new neighbors, reconnect with old neighbors, develop important relationships, build on neighborhood camaraderie, and make your neighborhood safer.

How It Works

STEP ONE - Find a Captain/Co-Captain to Organize and Manage a Block Party

  • The captain can choose a suggested park listed below or designate another area as your block party location. Please keep in mind that not all streets/areas can be closed off or used.
    • ROAD CLOSURES - You cannot close any VDOT road without a permit and BCA will need to review all BCA roads that you might want to close.
  • Email with your location and captain name(s).
  • The captain(s) will be in charge of communicating to everyone in their group, making decisions on what to bring to the party, and also keeping BCA informed of basic details (location, number of people, etc.).

STEP TWO - Create a Signup Page

  • The captain(s) will create a signup webpage and email that link to We suggest using
  • BCA will add your party location and signup page link under the list of Participating Block Parties.
  • Captains are encouraged to share the links with neighbors directly and help spread the word about their parties.

STEP THREE - Register to Participate

  • When you are ready to join a party, see the map and links below. Click which location you would like to join and you will be taken to the captain’s signup page.
  • Once you are signed up, you will communicate directly with your captain for more information.


  • All roads must have at least 10’ of open space for emergency vehicles to enter.
  • All parties must be open to all residents. The idea is for residents who don’t know anyone to have the opportunity to meet new people.
  • You are welcome to attend any party, but we suggest going to the one in your neighborhood.
  • You will be responsible for setup and cleanup of your party.
  • VDOT road closures must have a permit issued through VDOT. 
  • BCA road use/closure must be approved by BCA.

Map & Signup

  • Below you will find a map of suggested party locations. These are centrally located parks and playgrounds. If the label is white, it means that nobody has chosen that park and it is available to plan your party. If the label is pink, the park has a captain and you can join that party. 
  • To the right of the map is the list of participating parties. You can click on the location you would like and it will take you directly to the proper signup page. 

Recommended COVID-19 Safety Measures

  • Maintain proper social distancing.
  • Have sanitizing equipment at your campsite: i.e. hand sanitizer, disinfectant spray/wipes, etc.
  • Masks are encouraged if proper social distance cannot be maintained.
Spring Block Party Map


Garden District/Downtown Block Party