Why does Brambleton conduct inspections?
As a planned community Brambleton has certain recorded covenants which require its owners to take certain actions to preserve the aesthetic nature and character of the community. These responsibilities can be found in The Declaration for Brambleton and in the Design Guidelines for Brambleton.

The Brambleton Community Association also has certain responsibilities outlined within these documents. One of those responsibilities is to enforce various covenants and responsibilities that are placed on the owners within the community. In our ongoing efforts to meet this obligation and to maintain Brambleton as one of the most architecturally pleasing and best-maintained communities in this area, exterior inspections of homes and lots is ongoing throughout the year.

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1. Why does Brambleton conduct inspections?
2. What items are inspected?
3. Why can Association staff conduct an inspection of my property?
4. When are inspections conducted?
5. Why do I need to apply for improvements on my property?
6. What steps do I take if I want to make changes to the exterior of my home or property?
7. Who reviews my application?
8. What should be included with my design review application?
9. When will my application be reviewed?
10. Do I have to attend a meeting?
11. What if I want an expedited review or I want to submit my application on the day of a meeting?
12. How long is the approved design review application valid?