Who is eligible to register for Bram Life Passes?

A. Eligible Members shall be any Owner(s) of record who is in Good Standing with the Association who resides in a single-family detached or attached Lot, within the Association (or their designated tenants) or any Owner(s) of record who resides in a Multifamily Lot or condominium unit who is entitled to use of the recreational facilities in accordance with Article 6, Section 6.2(a) (3) of the Declaration for Brambleton Community Association. 1.their spouses; 2.children under the age of twenty-three (23) who are living at home, attending school on a full-time basis or serving in the military; 3.any children, under the age of twenty-three (23), residing in the home of a parent on a part-time basis due to custodial arrangements, and 4.up to two additional adults who reside at the address and can show proof of residency. B. Lessee of Record (renters) of a home in Brambleton Community Association, as long as the lease is a minimum term of six (6) months, and their immediate family. C. The Board of Directors may suspend pool privileges in accordance with Article 12, Section 12.1 of the Declaration. D. Eligible Members who lease their unit may transfer their rights to use of the Recreational Facilities by notifying the Association, in writing, using the form attached as Exhibit A, of the names of those tenants living in the unit who are entitled to use the recreational facilities. A non-resident Member who leases his/her unit is not entitled to use of these pool facilities if this privilege has been transferred to the tenant. E. Guests under age 21 must be escorted by an eligible pool user with a valid facilities pass who is sixteen years of age or older. Guests will not be admitted to the pool without such escort. One guest age 21 and older may be admitted to the pool without an escort by displaying a valid Bram Life Pass (pool pass) and guest pass from an adult Member of the household. All guests must register with the pool manager prior to entering the pool. The conduct of guests is the responsibility of the escort or the pool user who has invited them to the pool. F. The Board of Directors may, from time to time, establish rules with respect to guest privileges, including the number of guests that may be admitted and fees, if any, for such guests. There will be a maximum of four guests admitted at any time per eligible user household.

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