Creighton West Park

The Creighton West Park features two basketball courts, four tennis courts, and a dog park. The park is located off Creighton Road just past Madison's Trust Elementary School.

The Creighton West Dog Park is located along the trail that runs from Creighton Road to Ryan Road, between Madison’s Trust Elementary School and Brambleton Middle School. The dog park contains two separate areas: one area for dogs 25 pounds and under, and another area for dogs of any size. This park is for the use and enjoyment of all Brambleton residents.

Park Rules: Success of the park is the hands of the owners/handlers. Upon entering the park, it is important to read and/or be knowledgeable of all dog park rules. Residents, owners, and handlers are responsible for self-policing the rules of the park. 

Following are a few of the rules that are highlighted:

  • Park open from dawn to dusk.
  • Owners/handlers are responsible for the actions of their dog(s).
  • Owners/handlers must immediately clean up all dog waste. 
  • Owners/handlers must remove their dog(s) at the first sign of aggression.
  • Owners/handlers must always close and latch the dog park gates as they enter and leave.

Accessing the Park: Residents driving to the park should park their vehicle at the Creighton West Tennis Courts/Basketball Courts parking lot and cross over Creighton Road onto the trail and head north. The walk down the trail to the park takes about one minute. Be courteous to the adjacent neighbors and do not park on Canyon Oak Court.

The Association is responsible for maintenance of the park with the exception of cleaning dog waste. If you have any questions or concerns, please email those to

The Creighton West Dog Park has been made possible through donations from Heritage Landscape Services (HLS), an affiliate of KT Enterprises, Inc.

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