Natural Area Expansion Program

Being an active steward of the environment, the Association looks for ways to enhance and expand the natural areas throughout Brambleton. As the developer transitions parcels over to the Association, staff and the Board will review the parcels to see if there are natural areas that can be expanded without sacrificing the overall look and standards that have been set for the community.

The surrounding site characteristics as well as the impact on adjacent homes are examined when natural area expansions are considered. A minimum 20’ transition area will remain between residential properties and the newly established natural area expansions.  

There are numerous benefits related to the expansion of our natural areas. Some of those benefits include an increase in wildlife habitat and natural beauty as well as air quality improvement. Benefits also include a decrease in the use of fertilizers, pesticides, watering, mulching, and mowing, which results in lower overall maintenance costs.

In 2018, the BCA Board approved expansions in the following area (north to south): 

  • Section 12 - Snow Powder, Parkland Farms, Flowing Springs
  • Ryan Road Property - Between trail and Pocosin
  • Section 14 - Minerva across from Legacy Elementary track, Ducato/Rushmore
  • Section 15 - Hickox Dry pond, Commuter lot/dry pond berm
  • Section 18 - Bright Star Court/trail berm, Pond 8 slope
  • Section 21 - Minerva between rear property lines and natural areas
  • Section 22 - Evening Primrose rear property lines to existing natural areas, Sandwort near tunnel
  • Trent Grove - Dry ponds and surrounding areas, Graham Stable stream/drainage, Graham Stable/Epperson, Boca Field dry ponds

A detailed listing of the 2018 natural area expansions with photos can be found under Related Documents.

Related Documents

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