Fios in Brambleton

2020 Brambleton Verizon Package
  • Verizon Fios HD Extreme Package*, which provides the local channels, over 300 digital channels (including all-digital music channels & HD channels). For the most up to date Channel Guide, see the Verizon Fios Channel Guide.
  • One HD DVR Set top box with basic DVR service
  • Fios Broadband 500/500 Mbps
  • One Fios Quantum Gateway Router - BHR4
Technology Portion of HOA Assessment          

 Length of Contract
  •  7-year agreement for Internet and Video
  • Option for BCA to terminate video after two years

The effective date of the new bulk agreement is February 15, 2020. Verizon reports to have completed the upgrades to approximately 90% of Brambleton, with the remaining 10% still requiring the equipment conversion work. They are actively analyzing accounts and resolving fallouts. We encourage residents to review your Verizon statements for these changes. If you have any billing concerns, please contact a Verizon bulk billing specialist at 800-501-1172 (option 2) to request a billing review. 

You may also visit Verizon's speed test page to check your current data speeds. The speeds referenced in Brambleton’s bulk agreement with Verizon are for wired speeds. Verizon does not provide any guarantee of wireless/wifi speeds as signal strength and range may vary due to home layout, router location, and other variables.

Not upgraded? Your home may still require the ONT & Wiring conversion work. Please check to see if your address is listed here and if so, contact Verizon at 800-501-1172 (option 1) to schedule your ONT/Wiring appointment. Please note that homes listed will not receive the upgraded speeds nor the associated discounts until the conversion is completed.

Otherwise, please call 800-501-1172 and choose option 1 to request for the upgraded services and equipment referenced above.

New Equipment

The new agreement provides (1) HD Set top box with DVR service as well as the Quantum Gateway (BHR4)  Router as shown below: 

BHR4 RouterBHR4

Residents who already have a set top box with recording supported will have the feature enabled and the discount applied to their account.

If you currently do not own a set top box or own a set top box without the DVR feature, call 800-501-1172 (option 1) to request a swap to the VMS 1100 and IPC1100 boxes. Verizon will waive the Fios TV equipment upgrade fee for self or tech install.

Please note that an upgrade to the Fios TV One set top box will incur an equipment upgrade fee as this product is not included in the new agreement.

New Homeowners

Before settlement, please contact Verizon 7-10 business days prior to your projected settlement date (but no more than 15 days before). If your installation order has been placed, but your settlement date changes, or, you have other changes to make to your order, please call again ASAP.

For residents moving into an existing home (Fios ready), the install order cannot be placed until 1 business day following the previous owner’s disconnect date.

Verizon Fios local voice service is available to Brambleton residents, but it is NOT included in the assessment fee.

*Activation charges are not included in the Assessment Fee.

Fios App

Customers with both Fios TV and Fios Internet service can use Fios Mobile for iPad to watch select live streaming. Many of the 75 channels available include HBO, TBS, A&E and even broadcast networks like FOX. Children’s programming is available as well.

Verizon 2020

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    2020 Upgrade/ONT & Wiring
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