Community Inspections

As a planned community, Brambleton has certain recorded covenants which require its owners to take certain actions to preserve the aesthetic nature and character of the community. These responsibilities can be found in The Declaration for Brambleton and in the Design Guidelines for Brambleton.

Brambleton Community Association also has certain responsibilities outlined within these documents. One of those responsibilities is to enforce various covenants and responsibilities that are placed on the owners within the community through inspections.

Curb-Appeal Inspections: Exterior inspections of homes and lots occur throughout the year to maintain curb appeal and protect property values. These inspections are designed to identify properties or sections that would benefit from a more comprehensive evaluation.

Proactive Inspections: Proactive inspections are ongoing throughout the year, and campaigns occur on a scheduled basis. These inspections include trash cans, carriage lights, grass, trees, common areas, and holiday decorations.

Post-Approval Inspections: Post-Approval Inspections are automatically scheduled and performed after one year to confirm that modifications are constructed as approved and in compliance with BCA Design Guidelines.

Resale Inspections: Resale inspections are comprehensive inspections that are performed as part of the resale disclosure package and are done as requested by the seller of the residence.

Builders do not provide the Association with information regarding paint colors or the options which may have been included with the purchase of your home. This may result in builder-installed modifications being identified as requiring an Application. A copy of your options sheet from the builder may be submitted in lieu of the Application.