Esports Leagues

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Brambleton Esports Rec Leagues

Are you ready to compete in esports against your neighbors?

Brambleton Community Association has teamed up with Mission Control, an online gaming app, to bring you a recreational gaming experience like never before.

Whether you're a newbie or a pro, you can join and compete against your Brambleton neighbors head-to-head in video game leagues.

Got what it takes to claim bragging rights? Here are the details on how to join:

  1. Download the free Mission Control app at
  2. Create your profile and verify your email – allow for push notifications.
  3. Click on "Brambleton Community Association" and choose your league.
  4. Check your schedule, chat with your league mates, and keep track of your standings.

Games and Leagues Available

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  • Some games can be played across multiple platforms/consoles, and some can only be played on designated platforms/consoles.
  • Platforms/consoles accepted: Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch, PC
  • Supported platforms/consoles for each game will be listed in the app's game description.

May 2 - June 6 Leagues 
(Deadline to join: Thursday, April 30th by 8pm)

  • NBA 2k20 (PS4): Saturdays, May 2 - June 6 @ 4pm
  • NBA 2k20 (Xbox One): Saturdays, May 2 - June 6 @ 4pm
  • Call of Duty 1v1 (Xbox One/PS4/PC): Saturdays, May 2 - June 6 @ 9pm
  • Call of Duty 2v2 (Xbox One/PS4/PC): Saturdays, May 2 - June 6 @ 10pm
  • Rocket League 1v1 (all platforms): Sundays, May 3 - June 7 @ 6pm
  • Rocket League 2v2 (all platforms): Sundays, May 3 - June 7 @ 7pm
May 8 - June 12 Leagues
(Deadline to join: Wednesday, May 6th by 8pm)
  • Madden NFL 20 (PS4): Fridays, May 8 - June 12 @7pm
  • Madden NFL 20 (Xbox One): Fridays, May 8 - June 12 @7pm
  • Mario Kart 8 (Nintendo Switch): Friday, May 8 - June 12 @8pm


Can I request a league?
Yes, please email for league suggestions.

How do I know about new leagues starting?

Join Mission Control and allow push notifications. We will notify you when new leagues are starting.

What does 1v1 and 2v2 mean?
1v1 = 1 player vs 1 player
2v2 = 2 player team vs 2 player team

What if I can't make my scheduled game time?
You can reschedule your game if you cannot make the set time. You will need to reschedule prior to your original game time. You will need to discuss time options and agree to a time with your opponent by chatting with him/her through the Mission Control app or the game. All rescheduled games need to be completed prior to the last day of the league. If the game is not played, the person who requested the reschedule will forfeit that game.

How will I know who I am playing?

Once the deadline to join the league has passed, all players in the league will get a notification from Mission Control with directions on how to use the app, how to communicate with fellow players, and how to record your score along with other important details. Make sure you select "Allow Push Notifications" when signing up.